IFI's Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of IFI. It is responsible for the management and operation of the Institute, establishes policy, determines budgets, and administers all activities. Board representatives are elected by the members of each Division. The Board Chairman and Vice Chairman, who are elected annually, and the Immediate Past Chairman are the Institute officers. IFI strictly adheres to antitrust guidelines, which can be found in the link below.



IFI currently has three fastener manufacturing Divisions and an Associate Suppliers Division. Their purpose is to further the interests of our members.

  • Division I: Industrial Products Manufacturers
    Division I members focus on OEM markets other than automotive and aerospace. Products represented include bolts, socket screws, cap screws, studs, nuts, washers, blind rivets, pins, inserts, tapping screws, machine screws, set screws, SEMS, and rivets. Primary markets include electrical/electronics, appliance, furniture/office equipment, heavy truck, construction equipment, structural buildings, and bridges.
  • Division II: Aerospace Fastener Products
  • Manufacturer Members: Division II manufacturing members focus on manufacturing aircraft and aerospace fasteners.
  • Affiliate Members: A very high percentage of aerospace fasteners sold to end users are contractually sold through distributors.? For this reason aerospace fastener distributors have a more integral relationship with fastener manufacturers than do distributors in other fastener markets.? For that reason aerospace fastener distributors meeting specific criteria are eligible to be Division II Affiliates.
  • Division III: Automotive Industry Fastener Manufacturers
    Division III focuses on automotive industry needs and requirements for passenger cars and light trucks. Its members are manufacturers of automotive fastener products and must manufacture and sell a substantial percentage of its total annual sales directly to the automotive industry
  • Associate Suppliers Division (ASD)
    The Associate Suppliers Division represents suppliers of raw materials, manufacturing and processing equipment, heat treaters, finish applicators, manufacturing tooling, patch/adhesive applicators, sorting services, and proprietary feature licensing firms.


IFI committees serve the Institute, its members, and users of fasteners and formed parts.
  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee prepares and reviews IFI’s annual operating budget. Also makes recommendations pertaining to annual dues and assessment rates.

  • Government Affairs Committee
    The Government Affairs Committee coordinates the Institute’s advocacy roles in Washington and in international affairs where the interests of the industry are an issue.

  • Publications & Information Committee (P&I)
    The P&I Committee is responsible for the coordination of IFI’s publications as well as our public relations, educational, and marketing activities.

  • Engineering Technology Committee
    The Engineering Technology supports IFI members as a technical resource. The committee works for the technical improvement of industry products and processes, and cooperates with government, national, and international standards organizations in the development of fastener related standards.


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