Membership Application

You are hereby making an application for Company* or Associate** Membership in the Industrial Fasteners Institute (hereinafter IFI), an unincorporated not-for-profit association of Ohio, operating under U.S. Treasury ruling 501 (C)(6), and with offices located in Cleveland, Ohio.

With this Application please include a statement (with supporting materials, if appropriate) explaining the Applicant’s capability to make a technical contribution to advance the interests of the North American fasteners and formed parts manufacturing industry.

Applicant represents that it is eligible for Company* or Associate** Membership and acknowledges that it has read the Dues and Policy Statement of the IFI and consents to be governed by the IFI Articles of Association.

* Company Member - Any corporation, firm, or partnership organized under the laws of any state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Canada or its provinces, or the Republic of Mexico or its states, shall be eligible for membership if it, or a division or subsidiary thereof, has as its principal business the manufacture in North America of industrial fasteners for sale to third parties.

** Associate Member - Any corporation, firm, or partnership with a technical presence in North America shall be eligible for Associate Membership if it, or a division or subsidiary thereof, is engaged in selling materials, machinery, equipment, and/or services to North American manufacturers of industrial fasteners and/or formed parts.

Application Form

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