Membership Overview

Why Join IFI?

The primary reason for any company to join a trade association is to gain the collective strength and knowledge to accomplish tasks, projects, and objectives that are not practical or economi-cally feasible for a single company. But beyond this general benefit, there are many tangible and specific benefits to be gained from IFI membership. These include:

  • A market-oriented membership structure
    IFI's Division structure is based on where your products are used, not what specific products you produce. This promotes a closer relationship between manufacturers and their markets which, in turn, promotes a closer working relationship for resolving common issues and concerns.

  • Technical Support
    IFI is committed to being the leader in providing fastener technology leadership. IFI members receive unparalleled technical support in product design, manufacturing practices, quality assurance, and standards development and interpretation. The IFI technical staff is deeply involved in the continuing development and evolution of the industry's standards through membership and leadership in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), SAE International, the Research Council on Steel Construction (RCSC), and the International Organization of Standards (ISO).
  • Valuable contacts
    IFI membership offers ongoing and invaluable contacts and relationships with the major players in your industry, including your peers, your customers, and your suppliers. Quite simply, it's your best opportunity to interact with your entire industry.

  • Timely and insightful information
    IFI is your best resource for the latest news about the events, issues, and trends that impact your business. You'll also find that IFI is a substantial repository for information pertinent to the industry.

IFI Annual Report

The IFI Annual Report covers the activities of the last year for the Institute as they relate to the areas listed above plus information about the status of the national and world fastener market.? A copy of the latest report is available by clicking on the link below.

Annual Report

How to Join

Simply complete a membership application form below or apply online attesting that your company is either a bona fide manufacturer of fasteners and/or formed parts which are sold to third parties (Company Member), or that it is a qualified supplier to the industry (Associate Member). Once your company's eligibility has been established, the Board of Directors will vote to accept your company for IFI membership. Please note, however, that supplier members are limited by IFI's Articles of Association to no more than a 1:1 ratio with manufacturing members.

Dues & Policy Statement


  • Company Membership
    Any corporation, firm, or partnership organized under the laws of any state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Canada or its provinces, or the Republic of Mexico or its states, shall be eligible for membership if it, or a division or subsidiary thereof, has as its principal business the manufacture in North America of industrial fasteners for sale to third parties.
    Manufacturing Membership Form

  • Associate Membership
    Any corporation, firm, or partnership with a technical presence in North America shall be eligible for Associate Membership if it, or a divi-sion or subsidiary thereof, is engaged in selling materials, machinery, equipment, and/or services to North American manufacturers of industrial fasteners and/or formed parts.
    Associate Membership Form
  • Division II Affiliate
    Any fastener distributor with a major emphasis on the sales of aerospace fasteners, that has been in business for a? minimum of five years, has a technical staff, is registered to AS9100, and has a minimum annual sales of $5 million dollars is eligible to become and Affiliate member of the IFI Division II.
    Division II Affiliate Membership Form



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