DoD Specialty Metals Certifications

Fastener Manufacturers providing fasteners to customers under contracts that contain Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Requirements (DFARS) clauses that require compliance with domestic specialty metals purchasing requirements (usually listed as DFARS 225.700 with a number following the “700”) can provide DFARS compliant fasteners in one of several ways according to 10 USC 2533b.  One of the provisions of 10 USC 2533b and the DFARS allows fastener manufacturers to certify that its commercial fasteners are DFARS compliant under the following conditions:

“Acquisitions of fasteners that are commercial items that are purchased under a contract or subcontract with a manufacturer of such fasteners, if the manufacturer has certified that it will purchase, during the relevant calendar year, an amount of domestically melted specialty metal, in the required form, for use in the production of fasteners for sale to the Department of Defense and other customers, that is not less than 50% of the total amount of the specialty metal that it will purchase to carry out the production of such fasteners for all customers. [10 USC 2533b(h)(3)]”

Please click the link for the appropriate year under “Supplier Certificates” to the left to see fastener manufacturers providing certifications to their customers (for that calendar year) that they purchase not less than 50% of their specialty metals from domestic sources.  Interested parties should contact the manufacturers directly for further information.

For detailed information on the Department of Defense’s current Specialty Metals requirements, click here. For an IFI interpretation of how to comply with the DFAR rules, click here.

For the definition of “Qualified Countries” as defined by DoD and how they differ from “Designated Countries”, click here.

DISCLAIMER:  The Industrial Fasteners Institute is providing this listing and the DFARS interpretation mentioned above as a courtesy to the fastener industry and its customers.  None of this information should be considered legal advice.? In addition, IFI is not responsible for the accuracy of this list, nor the accuracy of individual companies’ certification processes.  Customers requiring DFARS compliant fasteners should work directly with their suppliers to obtain and review all appropriate contract language and required certifications.

For fastener manufacturers wishing to be listed on this web site send a self-certification document in a PDF format to Self-certification certificates are only valid for the year in which they are issued.  Manufacturers must update their certificate in January of each year.



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